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Maybe I love you, maybe I do


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作者peterhuo (人生位階樂勝真爽)


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來源 http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=596&t=2002233


SL - Super Light 是超輕系列,採用GTX PECLITE居多,多適合旅行、方便攜帶。
LT - Light
MX - Mixed Use

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今天 是我生平第一次參加有氧課程

真的是 門口有大便 大吃一斤

急急忙忙到達大樓 問清教室位置後 看一眼就去換衣服

時間晚了點 換好衣服後 已經開始上課 門是關著的 有透明玻璃可以看進去

哇靠 這一大間教室 整間滿滿的都是女生阿!!!

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Adblock Plus


專為 Chrome 設計的 adblock:過濾網路上所有煩人的廣告,YouTubeFacebook 等等,任何您想得到的,都解決了。

強力推薦:添加對岸卡飯論壇高手寫的規則,點選連結 https://code.google.com/p/cjxlist1/ 選擇"点此订阅cjxlist,通过https更新。推荐" "加入"

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剛入手ipad air沒幾天

開始玩XBMC  非常強大


1. add source: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/ios/

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NO.1 【你不能改變別人,只能改變自己】

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這篇除了 Super Talent RC4開箱 & Windows to go (Windows8.1) 教學之外, 也是Mac除了用Boot Camp之外使用windows的教學


我因為想購入2013年版MBA(Mac Book Air), 肖想他強大的續行能力, 但有些程式遊戲還是只能在windows下開啟,



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某老外苦學漢語 10 年,到東方參加漢語考試。 試題為請解釋下列句子。

1. 冬天:能穿多少穿多少; 夏天:能穿多少穿多少。
2. 剩女產生的原因有兩個: 一是誰都看不上, 二是誰都看不上。
3. 捷運裡聽到一個女孩大概是給男朋友打電話,“我已經快到西一門了,

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相信很多人都發生過好不容易在優酷或土豆網找到的影集或視訊課程,卻因地域上的限制無法觀看。Unblock Youku 就是用來解決這個問題。

Unblock Youku 是一 Chrome 擴充套件,一旦安裝後,原「僅限大陸播放」的視頻就都可以播放囉!有這方面困擾的朋友不妨可以試試看!



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  • Jul 09 Tue 2013 10:18
  • IPV6

我使用hinet的網路, 而hinet連youtube爛透了的事實大家都知道...

至於為什麼會爛? 網路上說法很多, 就不特別提了


之前有流傳解法 用gogoCLIENT使用Tunnel Broker的方式連到某主機後, 再爽爽連去youtube

方法公開後, 很快就把該網站的流量塞爆了... 我也就沒再使用

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作者kaiyusnow (Kaiyu)

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作者: stantheman


Manifesto of Arming~ By Ju Gheh Liang

    Coutier Liang states:

    The late emporer passed away before accomplishing half of his feat. The world is presently devided into three while Sichuan is sterile and ravaged now, and this is indeed the critical moment for our survival! The guarding courtiers never relax in the palace, and the loyal officials are all devoted to the battlefield. They contribute themselves to your imperial mejesty in memory of the late emperor's exceptional grace to them. Thus, your imperial majesty, you should open your ears and listen to them
to glorify the late emporer's legacy of virtue as well as to enhance the morale of these loyal coutiers, and your majesty, you shouldn't look down on yourself, neither should you block their advises with the distorted analogies. The palace and the office of prime minister are in unity. There shouldn't be any discriminations among the rewardings to the virtuous and the punishment to those who make mistakes. Both the criminals and the virtuous should be dispatched to their due places for the treatment
which they deserve in order to highlight your equal and just governance. Therefore, your imperial majesty, you shouldn't favor anyone and differentiate the laws within and without the palace. The high secretary and the vice ministers, Guo Yo-Chi, Fei Yi and Dong Yun are all righteous and honest with pure and loyal mind. They were all promoted by the late emperor to aid you. I think every affair, whether important or trivial, in the palace could be scrutinized by them before the execution, and then
there shouldn't be any errors. General Shang Chong is a virtuous person with plenty of military knowledge. The late emporer praised him able when he was in his probation period. Thus everyone suggested he be the marshal. I think you could entrust him to manage everything in the army and he must be able to consolidate all soldiers and arrange a due post for each one. Getting long with the wise and virtuous courtiers and leaving away the vile and pleasimg people, that's how the West Han Dynasty rose.
Getting along with latter and leaving away the former, that's why the East Han Dynasty fell. Whenever the late emporer talked about it with me, he always repented of what Emporer Hwan and Emporer Ling had done. The ministers, vice ministers, administrators and staff are all loyal and virtuous courtiers. I wish you could believe and trust them, and the imperial family of Han will rise again in the near future.

    I was just a common farmer cultivating alone in Nan-Yang. I just wished to survive in such a chaotic world without being known to any princes. The late emporer didn't care about my humble background and degraded himself to visit my shabby hut three times in person to ask me the situation under the heaven. I was so grateful to him that I promised him to devote myself to him for all my life to return his grace. Later, since we were seriously defeated and nearly terminated twenty-one years ago, I have
been assigned the position of the general military advisor. The former emperor knew I am prudent, thus he entrusted me the important missions when he was passing away. Since the grand assignment, for every day and night, in fear of staining the late emperor's reputation, I have been worried if I fulfill the mission which the late emperor entrusted me. This May we crossed the Lu River and marched into the deep sterile field. Now the south is all pacified, and the arms and soldiers are both fully
recruited, it's time that I, with all my endeavors, lead the troups northward to regain the central land, expulse the vile villains, restore the Han Dynasty, and resettle in the ancient capital. This is all I could do to return the late emperor's grace and fulfill the position you grant to me. When it comes to weighing the benefit against the loss and advising, Yo-Chi, Yi and Yun will take their responsibility. I wish you could entrust me the mission of eliminating all the national rascals. If I fail
to achieve it, I'm willing to take the punishment to console the soul of the late emperor. If Yo-Chi, Yi and Yun fail to well advice, they should also be punished to demonstrate their mistakes. And your imperial majesty, you should also speculate for yourself and accept all good advices to follow the edict the late emperor left to you. I couldn't be more grateful to your and the late emporer's favor. Now I'm leaving, in front of this manifesto with tears on my face, I dont know know what I've said.

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