Whether (是否)和 If (是否) 的差別

1.『是否』較長的說法是whether or not = whether or not 
而慣用語上,有if ~ or not,無 if or not
ex: I know whether/if he loves you or not.
     I know whether or not he loves you.

ex: Whether we can stay with my mother is another matter.

ex: There was a big argument about whether we should move to a new house.

4.只有Whether能夠接在不定詞之前,有whether to V,無if to V的用法
ex: I'm not sure whether to go.

ex: The question is whether the man can be trusted. 

ex: You have to answer my question whether you love him.

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  • 訪客
  • If 在當"是否"用的時候後面都不能用"or not". 因為 if 本身就是 "是否" 了. 後面的 "or not" 是多餘的. 在國外沒聽過人家 IF 當 "是否" 的時候還加 or not 的. 請仔細確認.
  • 謝謝您的意見!

    timeboy replied in 2011/12/16 08:25

  • landy
  • 舊式英文強調只有whether可以接or not,不過口語話之後whether.if都可以接囉~

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