In June, 2009, I had a trip with two girls. Three of us are fire sign(*1). Avon is Leo. Yan2 and me are Aries. Fire sign’s characteristics are extroverted, active, ingenious… 

I never doubt I am ingenious! Ha Ha, but I am not always extroverted or active. I am very grateful to Avon and Yan2. those two fire sign make me show up my fire sign! That make me always stay in high emotion.
We picked a amazing trip about West Zion, Kolob Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon ! what a awesome trip, I really love to enjoy beautiful natural scenery! I really miss those days.

 In my feature plan, I wana go Alaska to see Aurora and go Machu Picchu to see New Seven Wonders of the World. Besides money, I need a partner who can arouse my fire sign characteristics!

*1: In astrology(占星學), a fire sign(火象星座) refers to any of the three signs Aries(牡羊), Leo(獅子), or Sagittarius(射手).

The best qualities of fire signs:

The fire signs are termed positive(有自信) and extroverted(外向), and are supposed to be active(活潑),creative(有創造力),ingenious(聰明), dynamic(有活力), and highly energetic(精力旺盛). They are seen as the inventors(發明家), leaders(領導者), and pioneers(引領潮流的先驅) within humanity, possessing an assertive quality that allows them to act upon the thoughts of others extremely quickly.

The worst qualities of the fire signs:

The worst qualities of the fire signs are seen as their tendency to be irresponsible(無責任感), overbearing(傲慢), impatient(缺乏耐心), and boastfu(愛自誇)l to the point of hurting others' feelings. They can also supposedly find it very hard to deal with detail(粗枝大葉) because of their quest for the "big picture." Because astrology holds that fire signs are frequently highly outspoken(直言不諱), they can prove too much for more sensitive types of people(敏感類型的人) who resist the criticism they can produce. They are supposedly by nature emotionally intense(個性衝動) and quick to anger(易怒) if they disapprove(不喜歡) but, unlike water signs(水象星座), are also very quick to forgive and not sensitive to criticism.

Aries(牡羊) is represented(象徵) by the ram(白羊). It is a fire sign ruled by Mars(火星) emphasizing(強調) activity(活力).
Characteristics of Aries energy include independence(獨立), competitive(好競爭), dynamic(有活力), impulsive(容易衝動), domineering(跋扈), intolerant(偏激), hasty(輕率), and arrogant(自大).

Leo(獅子) is represented by the lion(獅子). It is a fire sign ruled by the Sun(太陽) emphasizing magnetism(吸引力). 

Characteristics of Leo energy include optimism(樂觀), creativity(有創造力), generosity(慷慨), pride(自尊心強), overbearing(傲慢), cruel(殘酷), pretentious(狂妄), and boastful(愛自誇).

Sagittarius(射手) is represented by the archer(弓箭手). It is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter(木星) emphasizing visualization(想像).
Characteristics of Sagittarius energy include enthusiasm(熱情), generosity(慷慨), religious(虔誠), philosophical(理性), argumentative(好辯), blunt(直率), impatient(缺乏耐心), and pushy(愛出風頭).


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