Chalice of the Void 虛空聖杯 常有規則上的問題






Chalice of the Void enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it.
Whenever a player casts a spell with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Chalice of the Void, counter that spell.


A mana cost of {X}{X} means that you pay twice X. If you want X to be 3, you pay {6} to cast Chalice of the Void.
The number of counters on Chalice of the Void matters only at the time the spell is cast. Changing the number of charge counters on Chalice of the Void after a spell has been cast won’t change whether the ability counters the spell.
If there are zero charge counters on Chalice of the Void, it counters each spell with a converted mana cost of 0. This includes face-down creature spells cast with morph’s alternative cost.
Chalice of the Void has to be on the battlefield at the end of casting a spell for the ability to trigger. If you sacrifice Chalice of the Void as a cost to cast a spell, its ability can’t trigger. However, if it leaves the battlefield once its ability has triggered, that ability will still counter the spell.

Published on 01/04/2010

Q: I control a Chalice of the Void with no counters on it. My opponent casts Engineered Explosives for  to destroy my Chalice. Can he really do that? 

A: Yes, he can, as long he has a source of actual colorless mana. He chooses X=1 and pays the cost of one generic mana with one colorless mana. Your Chalice won't counter his Explosives because it looks at the chosen value of X and sees a spell with a converted mana cost of 1. The Explosives' sunburst ability counts how many colors of mana were spent to cast it, and there are zero colors in , so the Explosives enter the battlefield with zero counters.

Published on 01/18/2010

Q: So let's say Player A has a Chalice of the Void on 0, and Player B has a Hive Mind. Now player B casts Pact of the Titan with nothing else on the stack on his turn. What exactly happens?
A: When the Pact is cast, both the Chalice's and Hive Mind's abilities trigger. The triggers go on the stack in Active Player, Non-Active Player order, so first the Hive Mind trigger will go on the stack, then Player A's Chalice trigger will go on the stack. Chalice of the Void will counter it, and since the game needs to know something about the Pact and it's not there anymore, it'll use last-known information to create the copy. Player A will need to find some way to make  by his next upkeep!

Published on 06/28/2010

Q: My opponent controls a Chalice of the Void with two counters and I cast a kicked Breath of Darigaaz. Will the Chalice counter my spell?

A: Sadly, yes. A card's converted mana cost depends entirely on the mana cost that's printed in the top right corner of the card. Regardless of whether you pay the kicker, the converted mana cost of Breath of Darigaaz is 2, so you unfortunately wasted a card and  on this play.

Published on 01/23/2012

Q: If there's a Chalice of the Void on 1, and I cast Flusterstorm, do I still get copies? Are the copies countered? 

A: You will get copies, and they won't get countered! When you cast Flusterstorm, both Chalice of the Void and Flusterstorm will trigger. Chalice will counter the Flusterstorm, but no matter whose turn it is, Flusterstorm will still create copies even if it's countered before its storm trigger resolves. Chalice of the Void doesn't say you can't cast spells with converted mana cost equal to the number of counters on them, it just says that they're countered when they are cast. And the copies aren't cast, so they won't trigger Chalice again.

Published on 06/24/2013

Q: My opponent has locked me out of my cheap spells with a Chalice of the Void at 1. If there's a Trinisphere on the board, can I Brainstorm for 3 and not get it countered? 

A: Sadly, no. Chalice of the Void looks at Brainstorm's converted mana cost, which is derived only by the mana cost in the top right corner. Trinisphere adds two mana to the total cost to cast Brainstorm, but Brainstorm's converted mana cost is still 1.

Published on 03/17/2014

Q: Can Wear // Tear destroy a Chalice of the Void?

A: It depends on how many counters are on the Chalice — if there's 1 counter, then yes. If there are 2 counters, then no. And if there are 3 counters, then maybe!

On the stack, a split card only has the characteristics of the part of it that actually got cast. So if you cast Wear by itself, you're casting a spell with a converted mana cost of 2; it will successfully destroy a Chalice with either 1 or 3 counters, but be countered by a Chalice with 2 counters. If you fuse, casting both Wear and Tear, then you're casting a spell with converted mana cost 3; Chalice will only counter it if the Chalice has 3 counters (though keep in mind you'll need an enchantment to target in this case, as well as an artifact).

Published on 06/02/2014
Q: My opponent has a Chalice of the Void with one counter; is there any way to destroy it with Shattering Spree?

A: There is! All you have to do is use replicate — although the original Shattering Spree was cast, and will be countered by the Chalice, copies created by replicate aren't cast (they just get created directly on the stack) and so the Chalice won't counter them.

Published on 07/21/2014

Q: With Chief Engineer, can convoke pay for Chalice of the Void?

A: Yes, it can. When casting a spell with X in its cost, you first decide what value you want X to have, and then pay whatever cost you'd need for an X of that value. So if you wanted to play Chalice with one counter, X would be 1, which makes the mana cost 2, which you can pay by tapping two creatures.

Published on 02/22/2016

Q: If my opponent controls a Chalice of the Void with one counter on it, is it legal for me to cast a one-mana spell and see if they miss the trigger, or do I have to point it out?

A: In tournament play, only the controller of a triggered ability is responsible for remembering it and ensuring its effect happens. So if your opponents miss their own Chalice triggers, you're within your rights to let them do so, and have no obligation to remind them about it when you cast spells the Chalice would counter.

Q: 如果我對手操控有一個指示物的虛空聖杯,我是否可以合法是放一個一費咒語,然後看我對手是否遺漏這個觸發?還是我必須要指出來?

A: 在競技比賽中,只有觸發的操控者有責任要記住它,並確保它發生。所以如果你的對手自己遺漏了聖杯的觸發,你有權利讓他們如此做,但是你沒有義務提醒他們你釋放你一個會被聖杯反擊的咒語。

Published on 03/14/2016

Q: My opponent controls a Chalice of the Void with one counter on it, and I have an Isochron Scepter with a Lightning Bolt imprinted on it. If I cast the Bolt off of the Scepter, does my opponent's Chalice counter it? 

A: Yes. Isochron Scepter tells you to copy the imprinted card and then to cast the copy. Even though the copy is not represented by a card, you're casting a spell, and that spell's converted mana cost is 1, so the Chalice's ability triggers and counters your Lightning Bolt.

Published on 09/05/2016

Q: I know in a tournament if my opponent has a Chalice of the Void, I can try to sneak a spell through and hope they forget about the trigger; that works with Sanctum Prelate, too, right?

A: No. Chalice of the Void has a triggered ability which counters spells; Sanctum Prelate's ability isn't triggered, and just flat-out forbids casting spells of the chosen CMC. So there's no way to make someone "miss" it by casting a spell of that CMC, since casting the spell is forbidden

Q: 我知道在一場比賽中,如果對手施放了虛空聖杯,我可以試圖施放一個咒語,並盼望對手忘卻了觸發;這對聖所教長是否同樣適用?

A: 不行。虛空聖杯有一個反擊咒語的觸發式異能;聖所教長的異能不是觸發式的,它就是放在那阻止對手施放CMC為所選數字的咒語。所以沒有方法能讓某人"遺漏"它而施放該CMC的咒語,因為施放這些咒語是被禁止的。

Published on 11/07/2016

Q: I have a Chalice of the Void with one counter and a Cavern of Souls in play, naming Merfolk. I know I'm responsible for remembering my own triggers, especially detrimental ones, but if I cast Cursecatcher through the Cavern, do I really need to indicate the Chalice's trigger when it doesn't do anything?

A: Not at all. Triggered abilities need to be acknowledged the first time they actually matter in some way, whether that's because you need to make a choice or because it has an impact on the visible game state. But a Chalice of the Void triggering and trying to counter an uncounterable spell never matters because it can't accomplish anything, so there's no need to demonstrate awareness of it at all, no matter whether it's beneficial or not.

Q: 我有帶一個指示物的虛空聖杯,還有靈魂洞窟在戰場,選擇了人魚。我知道我有責任記住我自己的觸發,尤其是有害的,但是如果我通過洞窟施放捕咒師,儘管聖杯的觸發不做任何事,但我是否依然要指出它?

A: 不用。觸發式異能只有在會發生影響時,要在第一時間生命,不論是它需要你做出選擇還是對可見遊戲狀態產生影響。但是虛空聖杯觸發並試圖釩基你不能被反擊的咒語對遊戲沒有影響,因為它不能完成任何事,所以你不用證明你意識到它,不論它是否對你有利。

Published on 09/17/2018

Q: Andy controls a Chalice of the Void with one charge counter. Nancy is at one life. Suppose Andy casts a Gutshot targeting Nancy and saying nothing, fully intending to acknowledge Chalice's trigger once it would go to resolve but first wanting to see how Nancy would respond. Is this cheating under current policy? What if Nancy concedes?

A: Andy is allowed to do this. 

He doesn't have to acknowledge the Chalice trigger until it would resolve, but he's not allowed to forget the trigger. 

If Nancy concedes in response, that's her decision. Andy is in no way misrepresenting the game state or otherwise cheating and Nancy would be just fine if she just passed priority and forced Andy to counter his own Gut Shot.

This would be fine at any REL, though I would probably talk to Andy about sporting behaviour at Regular if Nancy complained. At Competitive REL, there's nothing to be said since Andy was playing by the rules and policies governing tournament Magic.

Q: Andy操控一個具有一個充電指示物的虛空聖杯 。Nancy現在只有一點生命。假如Andy對Nancy施放打擊內臟,並且什麼都沒說,並且打算看Nancy是否回應之後再在虛空聖杯的效果要結算時宣告。在當前的政策下,這是否算作弊?如果Nancy投降了呢?

A: Andy可以這麼做。




Published on 05/27/2019

Q: I'm in a Regular REL tournament, and I control a Chalice of the Void with one counter on it. I cast Goryo's Vengeance targeting a legendary creature card in my graveyard, and my opponent pays 2 life to cast Surgical Extraction targeting that card. While we're in the middle of resolving Surgical Extraction, I realize that my Chalice should have countered the spell. What happens now? Did my opponent cheat? 

A: Well, there's a lot to unpack here. First off, if something like this happens to you in a tournament, you should call a judge, and then the judge will decide what needs to be done. The document that guides the judge's ruling in this case is Judging at Regular REL, and this situation falls under "A player forgets a triggered ability." Since you didn't acknowledge the trigger at the time it had a visible in-game effect, you missed it. If the trigger were optional, the judge would simply assume you chose not to perform it, but Chalice's trigger is mandatory. The only possible fix is to put the trigger on the stack now unless doing so would be too disruptive to the game, but it doesn't really matter here since Surgical Extraction is already resolving. The Chalice trigger would resolve after Surgical Extraction has finished, so putting the trigger on the stack now is pointless. Backing up the game to before Surgical Extraction started to resolve is not an option, so Surgical Extraction will finish resolving no matter what the judge decides.

This leaves the question whether your opponent was cheating, and the answer to that is no. While what your opponent did was not very sporting, it wasn't illegal, so it can't be cheating. Your opponent is not responsible for your triggered abilities, and they are under no obligation to point out your missed triggers. I understand it feels bad that your opponent was able to sneak a spell past your Chalice, but if it's any consolation, players who rely on their opponent's mistakes to win tend not to make it very far in tournaments. 







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