I don't have grammar class in this quarter. Unfortunately, my business class also has no chance to write essay.


I have an idea, I try to write my travel journals in English. I think that can help me to improve my typing and writing skill.


If you find out my mistake or better way to write, please tell me.







Today, we are on our way to Salt Lake City.


The first place we have been was West Zion National Park.


I saw the fantastic scenery.





In fact, I didn’t do homework about this national park. I only found some info. about Yellow Stone and Grand Canyon.


So, I was super surprised. Every where is like photo. Everything looks fake. I couldn’t control myself, but keeping take photos. Thanks god, I have digital camera and big enough memory.


We had a chance to fallow the way down to tough stone, but we couldn’t move our feet, because we couldn’t leave the glorious landscape.


We took a few steps and then took more photos. Hrhrhr!!!



Do yiu know what are we doing?


Give you five sec. thak a guess!


5 4 3 2 1





tell you the tures, I don't know neither. We are emotion high!!!


That is a classic picture... The only thing I can tell is that I did get the great chance to take the photo.


經典的照片... 我只能稱讚自己選的時機真好



Avon: I am gona push ypu down!


Yan2: WooooooooooooW




show you a GIF









Hmm, this place was found by two men, and they developed this place. Many years later, the U.S. government makes this place to national park, and named the park by using one of them.


The other guy is still having the land near by national park. He built restaurant and hotel.


Famous and money, which one will you choose?



I chose to take foolish photo. :P  I think I will never took photo like this when I getting old.


I still wish I can keep my innocence as a child. Maybe I need another person who also have innocence to help me keep mine.




Do not pick the roadside flowers.    ...   wrong sentence  :P


To check it out! Everything is big in America, such as homburgs, French fries, soda, and dandelions. Look this dandelion, that is as big as my fist



I know nothing, but I can tell store with photos. That’s why I took the mark of building.


We want to Mormonism church in Salt Lake City. Mormonism was not originate from Salt Lake City, but grouped in Salt Lake City, and then go all over the would.


I saw many Mormonism missioners in Taipei city many times.






This hotel is made by Mormonism. It's beautiful and huge!



That is my view of hotel where I lived.


We lived in 11th floor and 13th floor is pub....


Even thought there is one floor between us, I still can hear some music.




Day 3 End


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