It harts, but you may never know you hart me.


That is not your problems, even though you are the source, all of them are belong to me.


You are my source of happy and envy.


I can't stop myself making daydream.


I am sorry if I bother you, I just want to get more into your life.


I am so lucky having those great days.


I am so unfortunate, because I can't get chance to show you my heart.


You are my perfect dream. I want to dream about you every day.


You are my Miss Right. I am tring to make myself to your Mr. Right.


I am not a patient Aries, I always show my mind at once, but I change myself this time.


I am afraid of losing you. I want to stay with you, sharing your delight, anger, sorrow, and happiness.


I don't wanna miss you. I am here waiting for you, if u wana accept me.


I know I am your Mr. Right!






唉呦...好難寫喔 = =


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